Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lesson in Management

For all those who believe that only leaders of corporate world or sports world can give us a lesson or two in leadersip or management, read on.

One of the skills that one need to aquire quickly (please read super quickly) is to learn the act of hiring an auto. Everyday I have to travel from my house to a T-junction to hire an auto. Believe me, its one of the toughest task I have handled so far. Its tougher than handling a few managers that one comes across. For a research inclined person, it will be a great exercise to evaluate the pattern of availability of autos or may be do an annova and find correlation between time and availability. Kidding !

For the last one week, I have observed that a person in mid fifties reaches the place from where I pick auto around the same time that I do. I saw him standing there and struggling with all of other co-sufferers in getting an auto. But for the last two days, I observed that he never stood at the junction but walked a little longer and tried to catch auto from there. Today, when i again observed the same "pattern", it brought a smile on my face.

What was this man doing? He was walking a little farther than his competition and catching auto. I was moved. What an insight into art of management? All you have to do is to continously succeed - learn to walk/strive/try a little longer, harder than your peers/competition and you will be a little closer to success. And you will be closer to success a little ahead of your competition.

Thank you Gentleman for teaching me this art!

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