Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Social media and connecting with people

I have heard several managers complaining that a lot of employees now spend a lot of time on the social media sites. While many believe that hese sites should be blocked in office, I am a firm believer that the soultion doesnt lie here. You can block it on your server but would you be able to control the availability of a sleek technology savvy mobile phone and with 3G now operational, employees have more in hand.
I, however, discovered a benefit of social media. Oh I mean, one more benefit and I think the function of HR can benefi from this the most. I have a colleague who is on maternity leave. The other day I found her online. I had been thinking of calling her for quite some time but was not able to due to  too many operational issues that keep cropping up.
We chatted for quite some time and we could discuss and address all the problems. Now, many may say that this could have been done through a mail or a phone call too. But here are a few benefits because of which I think I feel good:
  1. I could buy time. Everytime she asked me something which I needed to refer to the policy or call a colleague and get the information, I could easily do. There were no issues of an impending call hanging on your head or the all so monotonous mail where the information can be half or not well communicated.
  2. The ambience and enviornment was not formal. I sensed smileys being sent for any information sent. All doubts could be asked, in a not so formal environment. There were times we even shared a small joke while interacting.
  3. It was much better than a mail.