Thursday, September 13, 2012

A lesson well learnt from a Sales Man

 We all learn different kind of lessons in life through our surroundings, the people we talk and the people we report into. Off late, based on my interactions with a lot of people from the sales force I have started to be impressed with a few traits of a typical sales man. And to my utter surprise, I find consistency in this behavior across the various hierarchical levels. This is an ode to the person call sales man who ensures I find the material I want on the shelf whenever I wish to make a purchase. He knows, in his own way, when will I actually need the same product or service again. While we scoff at the number of calls we receive in our phones or the representatives who ring the bell at the odd hour or who throngs on to you when you visit a departmental store with a new product , salesmen work inside out to ensure our needs are taken care. 

Negotiation gone right !!!!
The first thing that has intrigued me is the motivation and optimism levels these guys have. We go to many motivational gurus to get advice. I would suggest you spend a day with a sales man. You will get lessons on this topic like never before. I am sure you must have been approached by a salesman offering a product or service. I am equally sure that 99% of the time you would have shooed him off. Many-times not even bothering to look at him. This is been done not once to the person but time and again. Have you ever noticed what happens after the rejection? No, he doesn't sulk standing there. He takes that in his stride and approaches the next customer with the same rigger, zeal and enthusiasm , sometimes, even more. He doesn't hesitate to smile. To me that is motivation - an ability to continuously focus on the target without worrying of the road blocks in the way. He is also optimistic that if this day is not good, tomorrow will be better. 

Let us look at a better scenario and assume you have given him an order. He accepts it with a smile, thanks you and ... Well, if you ever noticed he doesn't just start celebrating the success or takes a break. He knows that he cannot take the success on to his head and this is just a momentary phase in the longer war that he is battling. Another lesson for all of us. Never loose sight of your ultimate goal. You will find success and failure during the course. 

Amazing ! Isn't it. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reaction versus Response

A lot of people quite often ask what is the difference between Response and Reaction. Here is a snapshot of the difference: 

Reaction is untrue action - behavior that arises from the damage and impoverishment of our personalities. We react according to our conditioning - and not to what is. Such reaction may sometimes be decisive, but ultimately can never be creative, because it does not come from a free place. 

Response, on the other hand, is always creative. Response is true action-behavaior free from personal agenda. It is the action of the inner child, and therefore genuinely open to good in the situation. It will cling on nothing,except tthat which is best.

Reaction is mechanical, response is spiritual, and it is not hard to distinguish between the two as we reflect on events. Most human personality is not response, but reaction - behavior arising out of false identifications. 

(Excerpts from The Enneagram , a book by Simon Parke)